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Biker Dog Run 2003

May 18th, 2003 - 1st Annual Biker Dog Run

The first annual run was a huge success! The simultaneous multi-city run got TV coverage and made front page news. Click on the thumbnails below for news clippings, event photos, pins, charitable funds raised, and (soon to come) video clips. Oakland had the most attendees, followed by San Diego, Portland, and Denver *. The Oakland turnout drew quite a crowd of bikers, biker dogs, the curious, and even Oakland PD. A Tribune reporter covered the event as well as a hired videographer. The San Diego run made the local TV news. You can view a list of biker dog attendees and thumbnail links to their web pages by clicking here: attendees.

* Note: The Virginia Biker Dog Run got rained out and the Milwaukee Biker Dog Run had been cancelled earlier due to the untimely passing of Taz's guardian [see story]

News:Oakland Tribune front page article entitled "DOG DAY AFTERNOON - Biker pooches ride into Oakland" May 19th, 2003 by reporter Angela Hill
News: San Diego TV 8 evening news, May 18th, 2003. Watch the Quicktime movie by clicking on the image (a fast connection recommended to download this 1 MB file).
News: July, 2003 Thunderpress article entitled "Pooches Lap Up Attention"
Photos: Tons of event photos !

Run pins: Each biker dog attendee earned a custom "1st Annual Biker Dog Run" full-color run pin (pin shown at right). And our co-sponsor, Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club had "Biker Dog Support Pack" pins available for anyone that wanted to support the right of dogs to ride motorcycles! (There have been efforts by the establishment to interfere with these rights and the club is fighting to prevent this.) Click on thumbnails to enlarge and obtain more info (pricing, ordering, interesting facts).

Donations: The run raised $281.00 for non-profit organization Discovery Dogs of Marin who train assistance dogs for the disabled. And an additional $10.00 donation was made to the SPCA. Click for story and photos.
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Budi (to be posted soon)
Muffie Butz (to be posted soon)
more to be posted

more to be posted

more to be posted
more to be posted

more to be posted

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more to be posted


Biker dog attendees !

<=== click on thumbnails at right
to go directly to their web page

Houdini, Oakland, California, USA
Lady Harley, Oakley, California, USA
Lucy, Sunnyvale, California, USA
Lady Rose, Stockton, California, USA
Chico, San Jose, California, USA
Josie, Denver, Colorado, USA
Bandit, San Diego, California, USA
Buddy, Crocket, California, USA

Toto, San Leandro, California, USA
Buddy, Oakland, California, USA
Windy, Escondido, California, USA
Spencer, Portland, Oregon, USA
Lucas, Patterson, California, USA

Sable, Santa Rosa, California, USA
Budi, Dublin, California, USA
Muffie Butz, Oakland, California, USA
[more to be posted]


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