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Biker Dog Run 2004

May 16th, 2004 - 2nd Annual Biker Dog Run

Social Circle (suburb of Atlanta), Georgia, USA

Only two bikes showed up due to predictions of thunderstorms: Coordinator Bill DeLaune with his biker dogs Beevis and Poppy, and another biker curious to see biker dogs. Lightning and thunder was building up so they did not embark on the run.
<== Social Circle run coordinator, Bill DeLaune's biker dogs, Beevis and Poppy



Status: Thunderstorm resulted in no one showing up, except for run coordinator: Bill Delaune E-Mail: Web page:

Meeting place: Volunteer coordinator Bill Delaune is proposing a run to start about 30 miles east Metropolitan Atlanta. Meet at Social Circle Theater, Social Circle, GA 30025

Meeting time: 1:00PM, Sunday May 16th.

Ride Plan: Destinations: Hard Labor Creek State Park, Historical Madison, Putnam County, return (about 50 miles total).

Be sure to bring your cameras! We want plenty of event pics to post on the DogsOnBikes website afterward.

Run Pins: The official "2nd Annual Biker Dog Run" pins are fre to each biker dog that attends. Have someone take 2 photos of you and your biker dog on your bike, a close-up shot and a medium shot and mail the photos to, 2289 Melvin Road, Oakland, CA 94602. Or email them to Upon receipt of the two photos, your biker dog will be sent their free run pin and get a complimentary web page on the website! Extra run pins can be purchased at our SOUVENIR STORE after the event.

<=== Support Pack pin (click to enlarge)

<===Biker Dog Run 2004 pin (click to enlarge)

Directions: use to obtain precise directions from your location.

RSVP is needed so that we can plan the event better, so please email us at:

or call 510-482-5000 and provide the following information:
Which regional Biker Dog Run to be attended
Names of people attending
Names of dogs attending
Phone number (for last minute run updates)
Email address (for run updates)
Photo of biker dog (the photo will be posted on this page with link to biker dog's web page on


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