Dogs on Bikes
Biker Dog Run 2004

May 16th, 2004 - 2nd Annual Biker Dog Run

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Does your dog ride motorcycles? (or want to?) Or are you just curious?
Well, then come ride with Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club member Miss Boots and other biker dogs for a dog-gone good time!
<== Statesville run coordinator, "Darthvader Philly" with his biker dog "Miss Boots"

Status: On target!

Meeting place: We'll meet at East Falls SEPTA Station on Midvale Ave (don't have an address, but this street is between Kelly Drive, Ridge Ave. and Henry Ave close to the highways. T he entrance to the Septa Station at East Falls is across the street from St. Brigid's Catholic Church whose address is 3667 Midvale.  Look for me and Miss Boots around there). My cellphone is 215-582-9214.  People can call that # for more info.

Meeting time: Tentative 11:00 am. My cellphone is 215-582-9214.  People can call me to confirm when we meet on the 16th.

Ride Plan: We'll ride backroads to Valley Forge, PA.  Plan would be Midvale to Henry Ave. to Ridge to Butler Pike 23 to Valley Forge

Be sure to bring your cameras! We want plenty of event pics to post on the DogsOnBikes website afterward.

Run Pins: The official "2nd Annual Biker Dog Run" pins are fre to each biker dog that attends. Have someone take 2 photos of you and your biker dog on your bike, a close-up shot and a medium shot and mail the photos to, 2289 Melvin Road, Oakland, CA 94602. Or email them to Upon receipt of the two photos, your biker dog will be sent their free run pin and get a complimentary web page on the website! Extra run pins can be purchased at our SOUVENIR STORE after the event.

<=== Support Pack pin (click to enlarge)

<===Biker Dog Run 2004 pin (click to enlarge)

Directions: use to obtain precise directions from your location.

RSVP is needed so that we can plan the event better, so please email us at:

or call 510-482-5000 and provide the following information:
Which regional Biker Dog Run to be attended
Names of people attending
Names of dogs attending
Phone number (for last minute run updates)
Email address (for run updates)
Photo of biker dog (the photo will be posted on this page with link to biker dog's web page on

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