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Biker Dog Run 2005

Sunday, May 15th, 2005
3rd Annual Biker Dog Run

Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA

Does your dog ride motorcycles? (or want to?) Or are you just curious?
Well, then come ride with Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club member Louis and other biker dogs for a dog-gone good time!
<== Plymouth run coordinator, Jody's biker dog, Louis

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Status: On target!

Meeting time: Start off in Plymouth NH meeting at the shell gas station on the Tenny Mountain Highway at 11 am.

Ride Plan: From Plymouth we go through Holderness and around Lake Winnie through Meredith and stop at the McDonalds on Rt 3..lunch is an option... it has a drive thru and a picinic area.  at Noon......leave McDonalds and travel on Rt 3 into the Weirs.  We can meet at the railroad station down town Weirs Beach.  We can spend an hour or so walking, talking, shopping, eating ice cream, getting a new patch, etc.....  even photo booths!  This is where Laconia Bike week is held in June.  Around 2pm head back out and this time take Rt 104 (left by the McDonalds) and follow that all the way thru Bristol and past Newfound Lake to the circle on Tenny Mountain Highway in Plymouth.  From there everyone can go which ever way they came from.  ETA 3-4 pm..

Be sure to bring your cameras! We want plenty of event pics to post on the DogsOnBikes website afterward.

Run Pins: Any biker dog that shows up will earn a free "3rd Annual Biker Dog Run" pin and get a complimentary web page on Just send a photo of your dog at the run to, plus dog's name and a mailing address and will mail your biker dog his or her run pin! Extra pins can be purchased at the DogsOnBikes SOUVENIR STORE after the event.

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<===Biker Dog Run 2004 pin (click to enlarge)
(run pin for 2005 says "3rd Annual 2005")

Directions: use to obtain precise directions from your location.

RSVP is needed so that we can plan the event better, so please email us at:

or call 510-482-5000 and provide the following information:
Which regional Biker Dog Run to be attended
Names of people attending
Names of dogs attending
Phone number (for last minute run updates)
Email address (for run updates)
Photo of biker dog (the photo will be posted on this page with link to biker dog's web page on

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