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Biker Dog Run 2005

Meet a Biker Dog !
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Last year's run pin (1 1/8" x 1 1/8")
<This year will be the same except "3rd Annual 2005"

Sunday, May 15th, 2005 - 3rd Annual Biker Dog Run

Does your dog ride motorcycles? (or want to?) Or are you just curious?
Well, then come ride with Houdini and other biker dogs for a dog-gone good time!

Meet a Biker Dog !
Times and meeting places
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Arizona - Lake Havasu
California (north) - Oakland
Georgia - Villa Rica
New Hampshire - Plymouth

Other possible regional runs: We still need coordinators for other regions. The only requirement is to name a time and place to meet and we will post this info on our web site. This is a cool way to meet other people sharing a similar interest. Email us with this info (email address at bottom of this page). Also let us know something about the run, like where you're riding to and route highlights. Every biker dog that shows up gets a free run pin! We will also email notices to all known biker dogs in your region. Note: In the past some coordinators have done some extra promotion on their own or made it a charity run as well, but this is not required.

Run pins: Each biker dog gets a custom "2nd Annual Biker Dog Run" full-color run pin (pin shown above) just for showing up. And humans can obtain a "Biker Dog Support Pack" pin from our co-sponsor, Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club, which defends the right of dogs to ride motorcycles (There have been efforts by the establishment to interfere with these rights and the club is fighting to prevent this).

<=== Support Pack pin

<===Last year's Biker Dog Run 2004 pin (this year's will say "3rd 2005")

Internationally coordinated: Do you and your biker dog live too far away to attend any of the regional runs listed above? Well, don't feel left out because you can organize your own local regional Biker Dog Run, post it on our site, and obtain run pins from us! Then afterward send us pics and stories for posting on our site! Call 510-482-5000 for more info!

Wallace and Gromit heading to the Biker Dog Run!

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