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Annie and Harley

Annie & Harley from Hollister, California, USA

Annie & Harley's guardians originally wrote to DogsOnBikes:

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I do agree with everything you say about our riding friends and wanted to send you some pics of mine. My little Toy Poodles love to ride as much as I do. I feel so guilty when I don't take them with me sometimes. They get so upset when we have to leave them  when we go on the bikes with out them. If we take the truck or car it's like oh well! see ya! later.
I do live in Hollister and Annie & Harley are very popular here. Every one loves it when I take them riding, there a big hit in town.  I'm known as the biker lady with the doggies in the basket. I too, was told last year by security to take my dogs home [at the Hollister Independence Day Rally].

Webmaster's notes:
1) Annie passed away of natural causes in late 2003 and is sorely missed her companion and guardians.
2) See "Howllister Protest Run" for more info

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