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Lady Rose


Lady Rose, a Cairn Terrier from Stockton, California,
passed away on 9/26/2004, a victim of road rage (story below)

On Sunday, September 26th, 2004, a man driving on Interstate 5, who was having a feud with his girlfriend, took out his anger against other motorists, including Lady Rose's guardians, Jim and Connie, who were intentionally struck by this madman. Connie and Jim were both injured and Jim was hospitalized. Lady Rose survived the accident only to be killed by a car before people could rescue her. Both of Connie and Jim's two motorcycles were totalled. The idiot who caused this mayhem was arrested and thrown in jail.

Lady Rose was buried under the oak tree in the backyard..

Middle: Jim and Lady on the way to Colorado this summer



Lady got to meet all kinds of people. Here she is meeting Senator Campbell of Colorado at the Ride through the Rockies Run Parade

Lady loved to travel but she always begged to have the windows down so that she could pretend she was on the bike.


Bottom right:
Lady loved motorcycles and I hope that somewhere in Doggy heavenshe is getting to ride.

LadyRose woofs (from 2003):

We  will be attending the Oakland run on May 18th, 2003 (1st Annual Biker Dog Run).  "We" consists of Jim and Connie Ross (people) and Lady Rose (biker dog).  There is a possibility that several of our friends (people types) will be coming with us but that is not confirmed as yet.  We are very excited about this run.   (Lady has not yet met any other biker type dogs.  She is ready to howl!!)

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