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A Schnauzer biker dog from Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Hi My name is Molly and I love my Harley,I've been to Daytona Bike week 6 times and Daytona Bikefest 3,Mytle Beach Bike week 6 times also.I ride on a sheepskin attached to the tank of my mom's Harley and I wear a doggie seatbelt harness and my mom puts her belt thru it and off we go.I have a Howl & Growl biker jacket with a BITE ME patch on the back and several other biker clothes and caps my mom bought for me.I was 6 in July and I 've had the best time of my life riding my Harley,almost forgot I went to the bike rally in Sturgis last year and had a great time.well ride safe all you fur people.Your biker friend Molly

Webmaster's note:

We are sad to report that Molly has passed on. Below is the message I received from her guardian.

Jesse Lane, Webmaster

Dear Jesse,

Thanks for having Molly the Schnauzer on your webpage.On March 6th 2004 we were in our RV in Daytona for Bike Week and someone left the RV door open and Molly started chasing a squirrel and was hit by a car. Her spine was broken and she died 3 hrs later. I have been devasted to say the least. I drove the RV back with my Baby by my side. She was cremated and will remain in my heart as long as I live. She was the greatest love of my life. She brought me so much joy and I thank God for letting me have her in my life for 6 yrs. I have a new baby and soon she will be my riding buddy, a rare white Schnauzer named Angel, because that's what Molly would want for me to be happy. Thanks and please all ride safe and watch your fur babies closely.
S incerely,
Mary Palmieri

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