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Mystery Biker Dogs

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Do you know any of these biker dogs?
If you do, email us (bottom of page) so we can get in touch with them!

Clue: This was emailed to us and the photo was labled "PhantomPaul"
but we have no idea where they're from or how to contact them.
Help us get in touch with Phantom and Paul!

Clue: Two photos came to us labled "Beevis1" and "Beevis2". So where is Butthead?

Update: Thanks to Steve Jackson of Seneca, SC, we've been put in touch with Bill De l'Aune, the guardian of Beevis. Mystery solved!
<=== click photos see Beevis web page and amazing story!

Clue: These poodles were seen in Hollister, CA
on July 4th, 2002 and we're really interested in contacting them.
Update: They've been identified as Annie & Harley. Mystery solved!
<=== click photos see their web page and story!

Clue: This biker dog was spotted on a birthday card
(click here for credits) r credits)

Clue: We met these guys at Love Ride 19, November 10th, 2002
but can't find our notes. Who is this biker duo?

Clue: This photo came to us labled "CarlCorey" but is that the photographer's name, the biker's name, or is Carl the biker and Corey the biker dog or vice versa?

Clue: This photo arrived labled "Teakie".
Note how bike, crate, goggles, and even the crate liner match colors.

Clue: Photo came to us labled "Rom".

Clue: Photo arrived lable "Calvin".
Cute little feller ain't he?.

Whar eez dis guy frum?

Clue: Photo came to us labled "Joey".
Trés chic !

Clue: Photo came to us labled "Margarita".
Yeah, there's a dog in there but is Margarita its name
or were they just drinking that kind of beverage?

Clue: Photo came to us labled "sonora".
Is that the dog's name or is the dog from sonora?

Clue: Photo came to us labled "Sally".
Ride, Sally, Ride !

Clue: Photo came to us labled "Lulu".

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