Dogs on Bikes

From other dogs:

Bear woofs:
" I am maybe 14 years old and am an Australian Shepherd. My mom found me and had a bullet removed from my leg back in 1993 that some human shot me for some unknown reason. I am a very well behaved animal and have won blue ribbons for best behaved dog in contests. Hey, wanna be buds???? ."

Houdini responds:
"Arf! "[sure]

Cookie woofs:
"hello im cookie im a 6 year old poddle blond hair dark eyes .my owners think im really cute he he ,some of my faverite things to do are chase my owners around the house bite them scare my sister lol ,faverite food is kibble and my stoft baby.i live in a one room condo over looking my yard i love kids and to bite boys he he well if this sounds fine to you e-mail me back lots of hugs cookie p.s.i dont have any kids he he bye bye ."
Houdini responds:
"Arfanks arf woofie-maruff." [Thanks for the doggiE-mail.]
"Arf woofer barky woofer woofie-maruff barksarfbirks whine!" [My owner says he'll add your email to the dogsonbikes web site soon!]
"Arf bark, woof arf whine muruff, pant Wufrufs, furuff aroo, arf woofers arf-woof, slurp-slurp, squeak-squeak, pant-pant, gruff-arf, rufarf, harwoof, arf,arf,arf, snore." [Of course, when I'm not riding motorcycles, piloting Waverunners, or flying ultralights, I like doing the same things other dogs like to do, like licking his face in the morning as soon as I think he's awake, chew on my squeaky toys, fetch tennis balls, annoy Suni the cat with my antics, disappear when no one's looking, go hiking, play with other dogs, and snuggle up to my owner at the end of the day.]

From school kids:

Gavin writes:
"Your dog looks so cute in that Harley jacket."
Houdini responds:
"Woof, arf wuf whine barky arf-arf" [Thanks, I love my Harley jacket]

Donnisha writes:
"Hey your dog looks very stylish in that Harley Jacket - you have really good taste!!!!"
Houdini responds:
"Woof, bark bark woof barky woof" [Thanks, I know that when my owner pulls my jacket out of my drawyer that we're goin' rindin' and I get all excited!]

Veronica writes:
"Your dog is cute! Is it a boy or a girl? "
Houdini responds:
"Woof, gruff. Whine pant pant whine. Woofy! Woofy! Groooff!" [Thanks,I'm a boy dog. I have a girl friend named Onyx. She just had two puppies! I'm now a doggie daddy!]

Jesus writes:
"I like your dog. It looks so cute in a leather jacket. "
Houdini responds:
"Woof, arf wuf-bark barky whine snort-snort pant howl-a-rooo" [Thanks, I also have a bomber jacket for when I go flying!]

Giselle writes:
"I think you're dog is really talented. How old is it. "
Houdini responds:
"Woof! Arf, arf, snort" [Thanks! I'm two and a half years old]

Stephanie writes:
"I think your dog is cute! You must be a good driver. "
Houdini responds:
"Woof! Arf woofy ruff bark-bark-bark, pant gruff-barky ar-ooo snort pant, arf-a-woof grarawf ruf-gur-bark. Whine-whine arf snort-bark!" [Thanks! My owner drives safe, but one time he had to stop suddenly and I lost my balance and started to fall off, but because I have two safety straps connecting us, I didn't fall off. So always remember to fasten your seat belt!]

SAHAR writes:
"I think your dog looks cute and fluffy".
Houdini responds:
"Woof, Furruffy bebark arf Barkgroof pant ruff s-s-snort" [Thanks, I'm fluffy because I'm from Belgium and it gets cold there]

Nick writes:
"Your dog looks very cute in that jacket. I think it should be a big attraction having a dog who rides a moter cycle!!!!"
"Woof, arfy arfy ruff-a-bark arf barky woofogruff" [Thanks, we do attract attention sometimes and people ask to take my photograph]

Dominique writes:
"I like how your dog looks in that jacket. How do you keep it from falling off the motorcycle?"
Houdini responds:
"Woof! Arf-a-woof grarawf ruf-gur-bark. Arfy whine-whine arf snort-bark!" [Thanks! My owner has two safety straps connecting us. Always remember to fasten your seat belt!]

Sarah writes:
"Your dog is really cute in that black leather jacket. Does it mind wearing things and having to have it picture taken?"
Houdini responds:
"Woof! Barky arf-snort barkarf pant-drool, bark growl woofaruf arf-snort-sneeze" [Thanks! I really like wearing my jackets but, I don't like wearing hats at all!]

Brandon writes:
"Your dog looks very good on a motercycle.Where did you get the name Houdini?"
Houdini responds:
"Woof! Bark arf woofy, arf groof arf snorty pant-pant-pant aroo wooferarf" [Thanks! When I was a puppy, I was really good at escaping and running all over the neighborhood]

MATT writes:
"Your dog looks very cool and cute.I like your dog alot".
Houdini responds:
"Woof! Arf slurp-slurp whine-whine, woof!" [Thanks! I like people, too!]

Krystie writes:
"I like your dog,It is very cute and very cool.I like the jacket that your dog is wearing it's so cute".
Houdini responds:
"Woof! Arf arfwoof arf a-roo griffaruff barkarf bark arf whine-whine snort-a-ruff arf Barky ruffert" [Thanks! I actually have a few different jackets but my favorite is the Harley jacket]

Milcah writes:
"I like your cute dog and how it wears that jacket. That is really creative. Is your dog a Samoyed?"
Houdini responds:
"Woof! Arf asnorty ruff barkgurf. Wuruff bark woofers ruf barky whine, wuruff growl gurrat woof-woof-woof grrrrrr!" [Thanks! I'm a Schipperke (pronounced 'skip-per-key' in US) from Belgium. We were bred as boat dogs for the canal boat skippers, and we make sure nasty wild rats stay off our boats!]

Sery writes:
"I think that your dog is very cute."Cooool"!!!"
Houdini responds:
"Woooof! " [Thanks a lot! ]

Caleb writes:
"I like your dog does it mind the jacket?"
Houdini responds:
"Woof! Barky arf-snort barkarf pant-drool. Ruffbarkarf garuff whine, groof barky-bark: arfabarkasnortsnort, rufaroooaslurp, irf howoorufbarkybarfbark snort!" [Thanks! I really like wearing my jackets! I have different ones for different occassions: a doggy lifevest for kayaking, a bomber jacket for flying seaplanes and ultralilght aircraft and a doggy-tuxedo for special parties!]

From other biker-dog owners:

Denise and Maggy May write:
Howdy , very cool site! I was pleased to see there Are other biker dawgs out there!
My dog is Maggy May - registered name Maggy Mays Short Stack To Go , she is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi born Aug. 21st 2001 , she has been riding since she was 3 months old. I have a pad on my tank to keep her comfortable, she wears a harness over her leather jacket that clips to my waist and wears Doggles brand doggy goggles, Still searching for a helmet for her :) she wears the harley brand cap that helps to keep her Big ears slightly closed off from the wind. As she has gotten older she has found ways to be more comfortable when she rides. She used to just lay across my lap/tank facing to the right but lately she has been stretching out onto the face of the tank. We ride to the Doggy Parks , San Francisco , San Jose or just cruise around town. Attached are some photos of us for your site .Ride Safe!
Denise and Maggy May on a '00 Yamaha V Star Custom [click on thumbnail for more photos]


Sue and Chan write:
This site is really wonderful and we hope to be able to join it soon. As you can see I think we qualify, as one of the pics is from NECN our New England Cable News channel as we were doing a benefit ride for the humane society. I was so glad to see that there are other bikerdogs out there. I was pulled over by an officer in New Hampshire one day and I thought he wanted to give me a ticket; instead he asked to take a pic for his mom. I do see that this may be a concern in some states though. Chan is safe as possible and sits in a tank bag with goggles and a helmet.(helmet however is decorative mostly when a child came up to me concerned about his not having one. Thanks again for the great site and hope we can be members soon.......much luck with your endeavors.......
Sue and Chan [click on thumbnail for more photos]


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