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"I've Been Picked!"
Chopper's "Tail" of Adoption Another web site dedicated to lost and found dogs - tips to locate missing pets and commercial services for locating lost pets including mailers. Dog helmets and tons of other biker dog stuff
Helmets for dogs! Dog carriers (rear-mounted) for biker dogs ! Dog carriers for biker dogs !
Dog seats and harnesses for biker dogs ! Goggles for dogs ! Lannoye Emblems is a fantastic vendor for our club (Biker Dogs MC). Their artwork and pin quality is superb. We've used them since 2003 to commemorate motorcycle events. Compendium of motorcycle clubs This site has lots of motorcycle info and they gave us the cool search engine below

            Click here to add your motorcycle site! Dog breed pictures/gifts/info Custom leathercraft Heart of Music Publishing - where to obtain CD's of any music played on this site A site dedicated to motorcycle street photography (cool!) Bay Area's Pawsitively Pampered Pet Voted best "Pet Sitter of the Year" (1999) by Pet Sitters International
California Sport Aviation Ultralights of Sacramento - Houdini loves flying in ultralight aircraft - try an adventure flight over the California Delta in an ultralight float-plane! The American Kennel Club (AKC) Dog magazine

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This DOG has been ABDUCTED and needs to be home with the rightful owners!   Every year thousands of dogs are stolen from owners and other unsuspecting people to be used for cruel and unnecessary purposes. Would you want this to happen to your pet?  This service is maintained by DOGFIND.COM