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March, 2003
Bark and Whine Ball - Houdini attends fancy ball wearing his club colors...
February, 2003 Pampered Pet Gazette - and Houdini in the press...
December, 2001
Biker Dog song wins award - Houdini's theme song takes top honors...
October, 2001
Houdini's TV debut - Houdini featured on National Japanese television
May, 2001
Houdini makes the front page of The Montclarion and is featured in the San Francisco Chronicle "Etcetera" column
February, 2001
News article in the
The Daily Californian
September, 2000
Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club founded
July, 2000
Houdini meets Craig Chaquico
June, 2000
Video of Houdini
piloting a Waverunner on the Delta !
May, 2000
Houdini meets the Duchess of York
Fergie gives Houdini a wedgie! 
April, 2000
Houdini learns to fly !
February, 2000
Houdini is now a doggie daddy!
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