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Houdini and the "Biker Dog" CD
appear on National Japanese Television

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In August, 2001, Houdini received an email from a representative of TV Tokyo to arrange for a film crew to videotape him for an upcoming animal TV show.

On September 4th, 2001, a film crew arrived from Japan spending five hours with Houdini and Jesse. They videotaped Houdini riding through the hills and arriving at Quinn's Lighthouse, a local biker-dog friendly restaurant and bar, where we were interviewed by reporter Ms. Yuka Nakamori with the help of translator Mr. Masaya Uenoyama.

Quinn's Lighthouse
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Afterwards, the film crew followed us to Jesse's Heart of Music recording studio to listen to the "Biker Dog" song. Ms. Yuka Nakamori learned to sing part of the song (the "Ride, Doggie, Ride..." part) and the film crew videotaped us singing the song together.

On Friday, October 12th, 2001, the show featuring Houdini, The Biker Dog, aired on TV Tokyo.

Thanks to the members of the film crew for journeying all the way to California to videotape us! Here is a list of the crew members:

Mr. Tatsuya Serizawa
Assistant Director
Mr. Masaki Mochizuki
Mr. Tetsu Kasuga
Ms. Yuka Nakamori
Reporter's Manager
Mr. Yuuji Kakiuchi
Translator & coordinator
Mr. Masaya Uenoyama


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